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Inside Sales



Leads Generator/



Customer Service










ATM Sales (includes Telephone Calls, Emails, Proposals, Follow-ups, Closing, Contract completion, Ordering, and after sale follow-ups.)



Cold calls for ATM Companies, Credit Card Processing Companies, Restaurant Cleaning Service, and Client Acquisition (including research and formulation of Excel spreadsheets prior to making telephone calls to generate leads and schedule appointments.)



Work with business owners regarding   product and service issues.


Books, Letters, Job Descriptions, Meeting Minutes, Policies and Procedures, Handbooks,Specifications, Proposals, and Resume Revisions.       




Narrative Reports, Speeches, University Interviews, Presentations.


  • Advertising Agency

  • Architect

  • ATM Companies

  • Building Products Co.

  • Business Consultants

  • Chemical Company

  • Chiropractors

  • Communications Co.

  • Credit Card Processors

  • Financial Services

  • Hospitals

  • Insurance Companies

  • Laminating Company

  • Pharmaceutical Trainers

  • Private Investigators

  • Psychologists

  • Railroad Products Co.

  • Remodeling Company

  • Restaurant Cleaning Co.

  • Resume Clients

  • School District

  • Tool Company

  • University


In representing your business, we will treat your customers as if they were our own in a confidential, tactful and professional manner. We believe that customers should never be taken for granted “after” the sale because if problems go unresolved as owners get busy, frustration and resentment can occur, leaving the door open for taking their business elsewhere “where people really care.”


Any part of your business that you can outsource will result in tremendous savings to your company as you will save on employee payroll, insurance, taxes, vacation/sick days, office space and equipment -- and only pay for work as needed.

Tibbens Business Services


Mary A. Tibbens, Owner


(724) 864-8484

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